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Doncaster Children's University

​​What is Children's University?

Children's University (CU) rewards children for participating in positive extra-curricular learning activities, it is an exciting way for children to learn whilst having fun and doing things they enjoy!

Doncaster College & University Centre manages Doncaster CU. Children's University Trust is a national organisation, they provide support and a quality framework to ensure the learning opportunities accessed through CU are of high quality.​​

Each hour of activity taken part in at a CU Learning Destination is recorded in the child's 'Passport to Learning'. Children are encouraged to work towards national 'Bronze, Silver and Gold' certificates that are issued from us. The first certificate is gained upon completion of 30 hours of activities, consecutive certificates are then awarded at every interval of 30 (Bronze), 65 (Silver) and 100 (Gold) hours and go up to the maximum of 1000 hours.

Towards the end of the school year, every child who has achieved a minimum of 30 hours will be invited to the CU graduation ceremony at the Hub (Doncaster College & University Centre). They will wear a graduation cap and gown and will receive their graduation certificate in front of an audience of parents/guardians and families. This is a great celebration and there will be fun activities for all of the family to get involved in and enjoy! 

The chancellor for Doncaster CU is local author Gervase Phinn​, you can wactch an interview with him here:

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