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​School Members

Children's University is a great way to encourage children to attend your after school clubs and encourage participation in continuing learning. National Children's University is part of an on-going evaluation. Professor John MacBeath of the University of Cambridge recognises that:

"Children's University pupils attend better by virtue of the activities which enhance their school experience…achieve better by virtue of renewed self-confidence in their own potential…enjoy learning more because they extend their repertoire of interests and see learning in a new light."

The fourth evaluation of the Children's University was published in January 2013. ('Evaluation of the Children's University 2012- forth report', Professor John MacBeath, University of Cambridge ISBN: 978-0-9561319-8-0)

Each year Doncaster Children's University graduate over 400 children from schools in the area, it is a very special occasion for children, schools and parents/guardians. Our Chancellor for Doncaster is local author Gervase Phinn.

If you would like to discuss Children's University with a member of the team please email or call 01302 553791 

Non-school members

Children's University is a really exciting way to support your child to try different challenges and experiences at local and national 'Learning Destinations'. If your child does not attend one of our participating schools you can still be involved via the Children's University 'E-passport'. All the Learning Destinations local and national will be available to you and hours can be logged on-line. Your child will awarded certificates in the same way and attendance at the graduation. To find out more please email or call 01302 553791.