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Research shows that Study Support schemes such as Children's University have a beneficial effect on children's attainment and attendance in school; they boost confidence, and have a positive impact on behaviour.

What is a learning destination?

A Learning Destination is a school or an organisations that offers validated learning opportunities for children outside normal school hours i.e. after school, such as museums, attractions, football and dance clubs to mention a few.

Why validate after school clubs/modules?

National Children's University® validation provides you with the confidence that your child is involved in an activity that and is fun and has some learning outcomes.

How does it work?

Children collect credits for hours of attendance when they visit a validated Learning Destination, the credits are collected in a 'Passport to Learning' or E-passport which is available from a participating school or the Children's University office. Once the children have collected 30 credits the first certificate is awarded, certificates can continue to be awarded up to 1,000 hours. Each year in recognition of their hard work children are invited to a graduation event at Doncaster College. Please note children may only collect credits from validated learning destinations; please contact the Children's University office or national website for details of validated Learning Destinations.

How much do the passports cost?

£3.50 each

Why does my child’s school want to join?

An increasing amount of evidence supports the theory that children who volunteer to learn outside the classroom develop a more positive attitude to learning and achieve greater academic success. Your child's school wants to give your child every opportunity to succeed as we are sure you do.​

Can my child join if his or her school is not a participating school?

Yes and if your child is educated at home this is a great way to record all your child's learning. All you need to do is contact the Children's University office and make an appointment to come in and register for the E-passport.

Where are the other Learning Destinations that we can take the children?

There are other Learning Destinations you can take your child to receive credits. They include National Railway museum, Hunt fun etc. For more information, visit the national Children's University website: