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​​What is a learning destination?

A Learning Destination is a school or organisation that offers extra-curricular learning opportunities for children outside normal school hours i.e. during lunchtime or after school, such as: sports clubs, museums and attractions. Learning Destinations are validated by Children's University to ensure the sessions they provide fit within our guidelines.

Why validate after school clubs/modules?

National Children's University® validation provides you with the confidence that your child is involved in an activity that and is fun and has some learning outcomes.

Why does my child’s school want to join?

Your child's school wants to give your child every opportunity to succeed. The evidence shows children who take part in Children's University and engage in learning outside the classroom develop a significantly positive attitude towards learning and also achieve greater academic success (EEF, 2017). 

Are there learning destinations in different places that my child can go to?

Yes! There are many Learning Destinations located around the country, such as the National Railway museum, Hunt fun etc. If you are going on holiday/visiting family, why not check the website for Learning Destinations in that location, you can find a full list of Learning Destinations on the national Children's University website here: