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Doncaster Children's University

​There are thousands of children in Doncaster involved in continuing learning outside school by attending clubs, organisations and attractions, such as football, dance, drama, scouts to name a few.

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Learning Destinations

​Children's University is an opportunity for children to be rewarded for spending time involved in positive activities outside normal school hours. Children's University is an exciting way for children to learn by having fun doing things they enjoy!

Children record each hour that they do in an activity at a Children's University Learning Destination in the Children's University 'Passport to Learning'. Children are encouraged to work towards national certificates that are issued from us. Certificates can be awarded up to 1000 hours. The first award starts with the bronze certificate at the Undergraduate level of 30 hours of learning. When children accumulate enough hours to achieve an award, they will be invited to graduate at an annual ceremony. Wearing a 'cap and gown', they will receive their certificate in front of an invited audience of parents and guardians.  

National Children's University provide us with support and a quality framework to ensure children get the best possible chance to learn.

Doncaster Children's University is for any child aged between 5-14 who lives in Doncaster.

Children's University is a national organisation; Doncaster College manages the Doncaster branch. While we validate the learning that takes place in the Learning Destinations it is parent's responsibility to check the safeguarding procedures and suitability of the activity.

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