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​​​​Step 1: Choose a course

Take a look at our full-time course and choose the subject you enjoy, are most interested in and have the ability to studying.

Step 2: Apply

Complete an international_application_form.pdf (or apply through UCAS) and prepare the following items:

  • certified copies of your academic transcripts and certificates
  • an English language test, such as IELTS
  • an academic reference (preferable)
  • colour-scan copy of your passport (valid until at least 6 months after the end of your programme)

    Application deadlines
  • For entry into semester one (September) apply by 1 July (NOTE: this is our advised date due to the time taken for visas to be granted. However, we will accept applications made after this date).
  • For entry into semester two (January) apply by 31 October
  • Applications can be posted to Doncaster College or e-mailed as scanned documents.​

Step 3: Confirmed receipt, offer e-mail

An e-mail will be sent to confirm receipt of your application. If you meet the entrance requirements and have been selected by the school, we will e-mail you an offer of a place.​

Step 4: Pay a deposit

If you want to accept the place offered to you, we will require a minimum deposit of 50% of you first year tuition fees. Once this is made we will provide your Confirmation of Acceptance of Studies number (CAS).

Step 5: Apply for accommodation

If you wish to stay on site in our accommodation at High Melton you will need to apply for this.

Step 6: Applying for a Visa

Once you have the unconditional offer letter, accommodation information, and you have made your payment, you will then be able to apply for a visa using the CAS number we provide. Please see our visa page for additional information about what is required with your visa application.

Step 7: Travelling

If your visa is granted you will be able to make your travel arrangements.
Please confirm your travel arrangements with our office once you have booked them.