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BA (Hons) Fine Art & Crafts

​Lauren Feasey


The BA (Hons) Fine Art & Crafts programme provides great insight to learn many valuable techniques and processes to strengthen our artistic skills. The tutors offer endless amounts of support and are always highly enthusiastic. It has been a thoroughly enjoyable and rewarding course!
You can see more of my work here.

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​Marie Lindley


Choosing to do this Fine Art and Crafts degree was absolutely the right decision. The course has allowed me to explore my own creativity beyond what I had expected. The amount of knowledge and confidence that I have gained over the past two years has set me up for my final year and will stay with me for a lifetime. You can see more of my work here.

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BA (Hons) Moving Image Production

​Ross Adgar

Ross Adgar MIP.jpeg

So far on the programme I have learned the whole process of creating a film from initial planning all the way through to realisation. The most enjoyable experience has been the end-of-year screenings where we are able to watch and discuss everyone's finished films along with the actors and other members of the film crews.

After completing my degree, I plan to pursue a career as a filmmaker where I have a particular interest in creating promotional films and music videos. Some of the work that I have produced whilst on the course has been accepted on a BFI documentary residential, and you can view my film portfolio here.

Paul Bright


As a mature student returning to education, I have found the course really effective in enabling me to pursue a change of career. As well as supporting skills development and a wider appreciation of film theory, the course has also provided many opportunities to gain valuable hands-on industry experience, covering a range of projects including corporate work, music videos and externally set briefs.

I feel the course has just the right balance of focus shared between academic work, practical hands-on experience and technical skills development; together, these work really well to inform filmmaking for a multitude of applications.

You can browse my film portfolio here.

​Jack Watling

Jack Watling MIP.jpeg

My name is Jack Watling - I’ve always loved film but I've never previously had the confidence to really pursue it as a career as I’m a mature student. However, the programme at University Centre Doncaster focuses not only on the creative aspects of filmmaking but also professional practice and working on externally set briefs, and as a result it has given me the confidence and the knowledge to help me realise my goals and potential.

You can view my growing portfolio of work here.