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Issue 2 Foreword By Janine Ryan

I am pleased to bring you the Winter 2015/16 edition of the Early Years Magazine.

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Workshop: Creating Communication Friendly Spaces

By Elizabeth Jarman

This article was inspired by the workshop delivered on Creating Communication Friendly Spaces and tuning into the needs of individual children through 'Creating a Space'.

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Article: What is Play Therapy?

Inspired by a Donna Purkis workshop

This article was inspired by a workshop delivered on Play Therapy by Donna Purkis at the 8th Early Years Conference Supporting Children with Special Educational Needs.

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Article: How to Use Music Technology with Early Years

By Mat Andasun

In this article we will explore what music technology is, why it matters in early years, some practical examples of how to use music technology with children, and tips on getting the most from it.

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Dissertation by Aimee Holland

A case study to determine if the construction of gender stereotypes within the home learning environment influence a child’s choice of resources

Today’s society is dominated by stereotypes. The purpose of this study was to examine to what extent the home learning environment had an influence on a child’s choice of resources.

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Dissertation by Rickelle Greaves

Mathematical Pedagogy within the Early Years: Does the use of board games support the development of numerical skills and mathematical graphics within Early Years

The aim of this study is to identify characteristics of early counting skills and number recognition through use of math games, focusing specifically on board games.

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Workshop: How to tell a story

By Tony Wilson

Traditional stories are often used in storytelling because they have structure and they are very simple- straight forward relations and situations.

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Early Years Conferences

Each year we host regular one-day conferences for Early Years professionals and. For details and upcoming dates, visit our Department of Early Years section.


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